Opinion: What is Kishu Inu? Should you buy it?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Click on the picture for Kishu homepage:

Kishu Inu is a cryptocurrency and decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network. It is a lot like Shiba Inu in that it is a cryptocurrency with a dog theme and also has its own decentralized exchange. Shiba Inu has already done an insane ~130 million percent gain since its all time low. Kishu Inu has "only" gone up about 10,000 percent since all time low. I think Kishu token has a lot of upside potential as a Shiba clone. Everyone that missed out on Shiba are looking for "the next Shiba" and this may be it. It has a large following on Twitter of 200k, and a lot of chatter about it now because of Shiba's success. It has NOT been listed on the biggest exchanges yet like Binance or Coinbase, I think that will be the catalyst to a big increase in price. I am normally not a big fan of meme coins but they are currently whats hot and getting the biggest gains. I think its a good lottery ticket with your spare money that you don't need, with potential for 100x or 1000x gains. Check out Kishu Inu's website for information on how to buy it and more info on it.

My favorite way to buy it, with the least fees:

  1. Purchase ATOM or XLM on Coinbase Pro make an account if you don't have one

  2. Send ATOM or XLM to MEXC you will have to make an account on this exchange also

  3. Trade ATOM or XLM to USDT (Tether)

  4. Now you can use USDT to buy KISHU, find the KISHU/USDT trading pair

  5. MEXC only allows Limit orders, so you will have to set a Limit price (the price you would like to purchase at, it will trigger a buy if the price of the token is at or below the price you set) and click Buy

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