Great Crypto Tweeters/Youtubers to Follow

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Adrian Starr: Great guy with insight on investing in crypto and the mentality you need to succeed

Twitter: @AdrianStarr108


Cryptocito: Great resource for updates to the Cosmos ecosystem, interviews with developers and people in the crypto community

Twitter: @Cryptocito


ConeyDaddy: Awesome videos, awesome humor, bringing lots of attention to Cosmos

Twitter: @ConeyDaddy


ElonTrades: Successful Crypto Investor who find hidden Gems that have true 10x-100x potential, follow him on Twitter and Patreon for his recommendations

Twitter: @ElonTrades

Patreon: Link for his private group, $25/month fee

Raoul Pal: Macro economist, bullish on cryptocurrencies, sees crypto as a new asset class that will match the total market cap of the stock market in the future

Twitter: @RaoulGMI

Willy Woo: One of the best crypto analyst who sees crypto now similar to the early days of S&P 500

Twitter: @woonomics

Scott Melker: The Wolf of All Streets, great Youtube videos, interviews with big crypto people, price predictions and chart analysis

Twitter: @scottmelker


Lark Davis: Another great crypto analyst, great Youtube videos with tutorials and price predictions

Twitter: @thecryptolark


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