How to stake AKT (Akash) token with and earn XCT tokens

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Buy Cosmos(ATOM) token on coinbase or coinbase pro (in USA). Less fees on coinbase pro, but a little harder to use, download the app on Apple or google store. It takes about 3 days for your funds to settle and be able to withdraw the ATOM tokens.

  1. Download Keplr wallet chrome extension, this is where you will send your ATOM tokens to get it in to Osmosis.

  2. Create a new wallet on Keplr, you can use your google account if you have one, otherwise you will need to write a multi word “seed phrase” so you can recover your wallet if you lose access to it

  3. Go to: you will need to save this link, googling Osmosis will only find you a bunch of links about the science of molecules passing through semipermeable membranes

  4. Connect your Keplr wallet to Osmosis, there is a button on the bottom left side that says “connect wallet”

  5. Send ATOM tokens to your Keplr wallet. The address for your wallet is at the top below the name of the token. The drop down will show you a list of all your wallets, pick “cosmos” which is the same as ATOM. You can click on the wallet address to copy it. You will need to paste the address in the withdraw address area on Coinbase. Coinbase may require a “memo” to send your tokens, type anything in there like 123 or whatever. Send a small amount first to test it out, make sure it goes through, if it gets lost it can be hard/impossible to recover.

  6. Once your ATOM tokens are in your Keplr wallet, you will be able to transfer them to Osmosis. Go to “assets” tab on osmosis, find “cosmos hub-ATOM” and push “deposit”. You should now see the ATOM thats in your Keplr wallet and you can deposit whatever amount you want to osmosis. When you deposit another window will open up, asking you “low,med,high” fees. Pick low, should be a few cents or zero fees, and click approve.

  7. Now you can trade ATOM tokens to AKT tokens. Once you have AKT tokens, go to “assets” tab and find AKT. Withdraw the AKT to your Keplr wallet.

  8. In your Keplr wallet go to AKT(Akash) and see the button that says “Stake”, this will open a webpage where you see a list of Validators. Find “” and click manage. Click “delegate”. See your available balance, and delegate ALL but 1.0 AKT, you need to save some for fees.

  9. A pop up box will open, select average or medium fee, you cant do low fee for AKT.

  10. You are now earning ~47% apr, minus the 5% commission for citadel.

  11. Go to

  12. Click add address, then add networks to one seed. You will need to add your AKT wallet to your Citadel app. In address, click AKASH and click next. In your keplr wallet there is a picture of a little person, click that, you will see your wallet and click the 3 dots, and click view private key/seed phrase. Copy that, it will not let you copy the first letter/number so just remember that one you will type it in at the front. Paste that private key into citadel to add your AKT wallet.

  13. Create another wallet for BSC, this time you will create a new wallet. Once that is done, copy that wallet address. The button that looks like two rectangles overlapping each other is COPY.

  14. Now go to DAO on the top part of Citadel website. It will ask you to add a BSC address to receive your XCT rewards. Link your newly made BSC address in there.

  15. Now as long as you have AKT delegated to you will earn rewards on AKT and XCT

  16. You can view this by clicking on your Binance One Seed (BSC) wallet on the left, under Tokens you will see BSC and XCT. Click on XCT and “Stake” tab. It will say “rewards” and how much you have. You can claim it as much as you want, but it costs fees in BSC. You want to “stake” it again after claiming. Also costs fees in BSC. The rewards you stake in XCT will earn its own APR.

  17. To purchase BSC in the USA you will need account to buy BNB, then use binance wallet chrome extension to convert it to BSC.

For Youtube video guides from Click Here

For AKT staking guide from Click Here

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