How to do Liquidity Pool on Sifchain

Buy Cosmos(ATOM) token on coinbase or coinbase pro. Less fees on coinbase pro, but a little harder to use, download the app on Apple or google store. It takes about 3 days for your funds to settle and be able to withdraw the ATOM tokens.

  1. Download Keplr wallet chrome extension, this is where you will send your ATOM tokens to get it in to Osmosis.

  2. Create a new wallet on Keplr, you can use your google account if you have one, otherwise you will need to write down a multi word “seed phrase” so you can recover your wallet if you lose access to it

  3. Go to sifchain website (if you are in USA you need to use a VPN to another country to access it, Canada is the closest) Sifchain Website

  4. Import your ATOM tokens by going to “Balances” tab and clicking IMPORT next to ATOM token. Import your ATOM now you can go to “SWAP” tab to change ATOM into any other token they have available.

  5. Obtain 50/50 of whatever pairing you want to do liquidity pool in, and go to “Pools” and click the drop down for what pool you want to add liquidity to, and click add liquidity. Add how much you want and click confirm.

  6. Now you are participating in the LP, and you can see how much you are earning by going to the “Rewards” tab. Rewards are claimable at anytime, but are distributed on Friday. I think the best day to claim is on Thursday so you get the whole amount on Friday and then you can reinvest that amount.

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