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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

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This is a little known company from Canada that I think is a great investment. I have invested in them personally and it is one of the few stocks I own. They have a created a new way of improving electric motors for greater power and greater efficiency called the "Coil Driver". This technology is called "coil switching" which is where the electric coils in the Electric motor can change configurations on-the -fly (controlled by a computer chip) to either produce high torque or high speed and greater efficiency. Results have been promising and confirmed by 3rd party testing, up to 30% improvement in power/torque and 3-7% improvement in efficiency. This tech can be used in any electric motor for cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, electric boats and planes, and even energy generating turbines, windmills, etc. Their coil driver components can also replace current fast charging components, further reducing costs of a EV. Here is a video that introduces this coil switching technology.

Their other major product is the battery control system. This technology allows greater control of how individual battery cells are charged and discharged, therefore you can allow batteries that appear to be completely spent, to be used again and given a "second life" by controlling which cells are drained at what rate so that the remaining cells can be used fully. A more detailed explanation on their website HERE. This will allow “spent” EV batteries to be reused as stationary storage batteries which will reduce the amount of battery waste in the future.

I love what they have come up with and they have a great leadership team. There is a huge Wikipedia created on Reddit with all the research done by members and updated as new information is available. I think this tech can and should be used in every electric motor in the future. The current electric cars are pretty good already with range of 500+ miles, but Exro's tech can reduce the cost by reducing the size of the batteries required to achieve that range and that power level. You can use smaller electric motors to achieve the same power. You won't need multiple electric motors or a transmission anymore to achieve the same if not better torque profile. This also reduces weight and increases performance. This will be especially important for electric aircraft, scooters, and bikes where low weight really matters.

The stock is traded on any broker that supports OTC trading in US under the ticker EXROF, I use E Trade to buy it. It is listed on Toronto stock exchange and will be listed on NASDAQ hopefully this year. Current price is about $2.15 at time of this writing and I think its a great buy at this price. Market cap is about $200 million means it has got a lot of room to grow. They have a number of partnerships already, some pretty big companies but most people probably have not heard of them, but no major car manufactures yet. I think when they do get a big partnership with a major car manufacture (very possibly Audi, they have a former Audi exec on their board) then the stock will take off and get a lot of attention. It has already reached over $5 at its all time high. I can see this stock hitting $10 easily and likely much higher in the long run.

A good article on EXRO technologies and how big they could go: Here

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